A Potted History of Winford Manor

After the Norman Conquest William I granted the Manor of Winford to the Bishop of Coutances, who after his death in 1093 passed it to his nephew Robert Mowbray. It changed hands many times until the reign of Henry II.

The Present Manor house was built in 17th Century to take the place of the medieval house next to the church in the village which was subject to flooding.

The Manor of Winford was acquired by Sir Abraham Elton of Clevedon in 1772.

In 1880 Percy Cripps of Clifton, brother of Sir Stafford Cripps, Baron Parmoor, purchased Winford Manor and remained here until 1905, Percy Cripps married the rectors daughter Miss Tripp and one their daughters Evelyn Cripps later became Evelyn Tiarks ,Grandmother of Mark Phillips, first husband of The Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

The Princess Royal Visited the Manor in 2005 and was intrigued by the Redding pits, Red Ochre mines that were once operated by the Cripps family. They ceased to operate in the seventies. This blood red ore was a powerful dye used in the cosmetic and chemical industries. The skin of locals who worked in the Redding mines became permanently impregnated with this dye.

After the Cripps family left in 1905 the house was let on short leases to families serving the British Empire until the second war when the house was subdivided, this period of subdivision continued until 1986.

In 1986 Winford Manor was purchased privately and restored to sole occupancy.

The manor was used as a spiritual retreat, guests came seeking peace and tranquillity from all parts of the world. Still under private ownership, in 2008, Winford Manor became Winford Manor Hotel.