An eco friendly hotel - we care about the environment

We aim to be your choice for a top eco hotel near Bristol


We’re all encouraged to do our bit for the environment. You do it at home, so why should it be different when you travel? Whether you’re on a business or leisure trip it makes perfect sense to stay at a green hotel.

At Winford Manor, we work hard to be a true eco friendly hotel. That’s why we have a proactive environmental policy, train our teams in ‘green’ thinking and encourage our guests to be as ‘green’ as possible.


An eco friendly hotel with lots of features – we care about the environment


For modern travel accommodation, being an eco hotel involves much more than the obvious energy saving measures and having no-smoking rooms. Here’s a taste of how we provide genuinely eco accommodation:


  • Environmentally friendly towel and sheet re-use programme
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC)-free cotton towels and sheets – for better air quality and the luxury feel…
  • Allergy awareness when choosing furnishings and cleaning materials
  • Alternative energy generation – a wood energy boiler supports our eco hotel credentials
  • Rainwater harvesting system – eco hotels such as the Winford Manor use rainwater for flushing toilets
  • Bulk dispensers for soap and other consumables – reduces wasteful packaging
  • Hotel recycling bins make recycling easy and convenient for everybody.

Ensuring our future as a genuine eco hotel


And that’s just the start. From staff education and water conservation to our traffic-reducing airport transfer people-carrier, we’re doing whatever we can to ensure our future as one of the South West’s most environmentally friendly hotels, working alongside the Green Business Tourism Scheme.


Your Winford Manor Hotel: a warm welcome; an idyllic location – and environmentally friendly too!